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In our modern dental practices in Brno we can offer you the most common as well as complicated dental treatments and surgery procedures. Our patients can rely on a team of experienced dentists and surgeons who use the best possible equipment which ensures high quality and long lasting results.

Our clinic - Dental Centre Brno

The environment of a dental practice is very important for patients' comfort - find out how comfortable are our dental practices, what environment for your treatment we provide and what sort of procedures we offer.

Dental hygiene

Do you consider tooth care an important part of your life style? Then visit our dental hygiene specialists who can teach you the perfect way of taking care of your teeth by showing you how clean your teeth and mouth can feel.

Teeth whitening

Do you want to have healthy and sparkling white teeth? We can help you achieve that with a brilliant Opalescence method safe for your teeth and gums. After only couple of sessions in our practice we can make your teeth naturally white.

Air Flow

This method of specialized mechanical teeth cleaning is used for patients with distinctive teeth pigmentation - let us make your teeth white again.

Dental jewellery

Teeth jewellery is becoming popular fashion accessory. It is absolutely safe and harmless so don't worry and go for a jewel that matches your taste. We are happy to help you to choose the right one in our Dental Centre Exté.

Dental surgery

Surgical procedures are performed by an experienced team of dental surgeons in a modern and fully equipped surgery room.

Dental Prosthesis

We can offer you the best possible technology when it comes to dental implants. We offer metal ceramic tooth crowns and bridges. We also make dentures that look very natural.

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MUDr. Sylvie Slavíková – objednávky ...

[18/02/2020] Pro objednávání k MUDr. Sylvii Slavíkové volejte na tel. č. 542 ...


Dentální hygiena – objednávky ...

[13/02/2020] Pro objednávání na dentální hygienu a bělení zubů volejte dentál ...


MUDr. Kubíčková Zuzana, nový tel. kontak ...

[10/08/2019] Pro objednávání na laserové odstranění mateřských znamének volej ...





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Masarykova 12 602 00 Brno
Infolinka: +420 542 215 119
E-mail: info@exte-brno.cz