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Dental surgery - titanum dental implants

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For full and happy life you need full and fully working teeth. Unfortunately human teeth are very sensitive to all sorts of illnesses and injuries that can lead to teeth loss. If this is your case, we are ready to help you replace your teeth with titanium dental implants.

You can use our team of professional and experienced dentist and dental surgeons and our fully equipped and newly refurbished surgery room.

Dental implants: modern and safe solution for teeth loss

Titanium dental implants are elegant and least invasive solution to teeth loss. Together with a restoration (the visible part that resembles tooth) a titanium implant creates a perfect tooth replacement and it is possible to use for single tooth as well as for all teeth replacement.

Titanium implant creates artificial tooth root - usually in a shape of a screw - that is fixed in your jaw bone. Modern restorations' aesthetic finish is on a high level nowadays and it's almost indistinguishable from natural teeth. They are not painful anymore and can last and work for many years.

Thanks to contracted partnership with all health insurance companies we can offer the treatment to everyone who wants to have healthy and pretty teeth. Dental implants pricelist

Modern system for teeth implants

Titanium dental implants make replacement of a gap between teeth or complete teeth substitution possible. Limitations are minimal and there are no age restrictions.

The procedure is discussed with your doctor beforehand - the dentist apprises you with everything that awaits you, with possible risks and the total price.

The procedure starts with fixing the implant in a jaw bone. Subsequently a restoration is created. The implant is made of materials compatible with bone tissue and the two fuses. The implant itself and a length of healing are individual and discussed prior the procedure.

Dental Centre Exté uses systems STRAUMANN (Switzerland) and ALPHA - BIO (Israel). Both systems are the top implants available - with lifelong guarantee.

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and is therefore painless. Patients are released to home care immediately after the procedure. If you are however afraid of pain we can offer you the option of general anesthesia.

For more information and to book an appointment please call +420 542 215 119.

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