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Dental Hygiene

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Visit our Dental Hygiene practice in central Brno

Do you want your teeth to be sparkling white without periodontitis or tooth decay? Then it is necessary to follow dental hygiene principals.

Our two licensed dental hygiene specialists (Lucie Krupičková DiS. a Petra Rajnochová) are highly experienced. They practice dental hygiene treatments for many years and they apply the most current trends acquired at professional training courses. We have had many satisfied customers so come to us and join them!

Look at our dental hygiene price list and book your first appointment. We provide dental hygiene for children as well - it is very important for little children to learn the right way of brushing their teeth so that they can use this skill for the rest of their lives.


Dental hygiene

The most important thing for healthy teeth is the right way of brushing them. To learn the right technique it is recommended to consult it with a professional - dentist or dental hygiene specialist.

Dental hygiene is relatively new but fast growing dental service. It is a very important part of preventive dentistry. Tooth decay, gum infection or periodontitis are easily preventable. Simply visit our dental hygiene specialists who will teach you the right principles of dental care. They will also remove dental plaque and calculus.

 Our dental hygiene services include:

·    Entry check (state of your teeth and gums, current level of dental hygiene, periodontitis check, X-ray and photo documentation of your teeth

        treatment plan

        motivation to dental care

        practical training on teeth model or patient's teeth

        dental plaque removal

        calculus removal (above and under gum)

        pigmentation removal (brownish stains from coffee, tea, smoking etc.)

        teeth polishing

        periodontitis treatment

        treatment of sensitive tooth necks

        teeth whitening

        oral disease prevention

        dental impression

        control check-up (1 - 6 times a year, depending on individual patient)


What to expect from dental hygiene specialist visit?

Tendency towards dental plaque or calculus formation is individual therefore your visit will be tailored to your needs. Even though the procedure differs from patient to patient there's couple of general rules that are followed at all times.

First session (1 hour)

Your first visit at dental hygiene specialist includes entry interview - medication used, current issues, smoking etc. and entry check - teeth and gums examination and level of current dental hygiene habits. You will learn the right technique of home based dental care - the specialist will explain what issues could arise if you didn't follow the basic principles of dental hygiene. You will be shown how to use your regular tooth brush and how to look after your interdental space - you will get an interdental brush for FREE. The practical training is followed by ultrasound calculus removal and pigmentation removal by polishing paste. At the end of the session your teeth will be covered with fluoride gel.

Second session (1 hour)

The second session is not necessary for every patient - it is an individual treatment carried out if there's a risk of periodontitis. Calculus will be removed from your teeth by manual tools - so called deep scaling and your teeth will be polished and covered with fluoride gel again.

Following check-ups

These are necessary to keep your teeth healthy in longer term; you should come back in 3 month to 1 year depending on dental hygiene specialist decision.


Visit our dental hygiene specialists and learn how to efficiently look after your teeth to prevent calculus, plaque, gum bleeding and many other issues connected with dental hygiene. Side effects are beautiful white teeth and fresh breath. Let our professionals to take care of your dental health and beauty!

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